September, 2018


Word for the Month & for Sat., Sept. 1

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:18

See Message: End Time Love (Part I & II)


A recent study in the United Kingdom uncovered a shocking finding.  But before we get there, some context. 

The LGBT agenda has largely succeeded in helping to overturn America’s formerly biblical stand on sexuality.  Part of its strategy was to change the argument from one of behavior to one of genetics and thus an issue of human rights.   It was said that it was a simple matter of granting a group of people their rights and thus it would not affect the rights or lives of others.

The Bible though is very clear that sexual sin as with any other sin is a behavior.

So what was it that this recent study revealed? The study sought to find out how many young people identified as being homosexual, bi-sexual, or transsexual – and how many identified as heterosexual. Some more context – when the question was asked in 2016 to people 16 and older, those identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, added up to 2% of the population.  When the same question was asked to those 16-24 years old, the result was 4%.   

So the question was asked again to 16-24 years old two years later in 2018 – what was the result?  Those of this group, ‘Generation Z,’ identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, or other than purely heterosexual was 34%!  In other words, more than one of three.

This begs the question: if sexuality is purely genetic and one cannot choose such things, how could such a radical transformation take place?  It is obviously the change in cultural values that is most dramatically affecting the most impressionable, the youngest generation.   The report suggested that the culture’s changing values in which homosexual relationships are increasingly accepted has caused young people to adopt a “less binary view of sexuality.”  This non-binary view of sexuality has been adopted by more than half of young British people. What the LGBT agenda has advocated is obviously false. The changing of society’s morality has affected and altered the identity of an entire generation.

But one could have known all this ages ago.  It is written in the Bible that the pagan world exchanged natural affections for unnatural ones. We know that in many pagan cultures, homosexuality or bisexuality was widespread.  No genetic argument could account for that.  And in an age when we see mainstream culture rejecting biblical values, we could almost expect the same thing to take place – and it has, and it is.

A further sobering note – this transformation increases depending on how young the subjects of the study are. The younger the generation, the more the process has taken hold. Thus, it gives us an omen for the future. If more than one in three of the next generation doesn’t view itself as purely heterosexual – how will that affect culture?  The media?  Entertainment?  Politics?  Law?  Education? Religious liberty? Everything?

This all only upholds the words of scripture, not only concerning apostasy but the end-times.  We are there.  And each of us must resolve all the more to live all out for God, to live lives that exemplify purity in every realm, in the realm of our thoughts, our words, our sexuality, and our hearts. Let us resolve to do that this month. And may God greatly bless you as you do!

Your brother and co-laborer

 in His love and service,


             Jonathan Cahn

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