November, 2020


Word for the Month of November

Scripture: Matthew 5:14

See Message: Starlight

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission…

Because of publishing deadlines, I’m writing this relatively early – at the end of August.  It is set to go forth at the start of November – a most critical time – a most critical election.  We have never known America to be so divided.  We have never witnessed an election where the stands of the two parties were so at odds and conflicting.  One party has become increasingly radicalized to the left and against the Biblical stands concerning life, marriage, gender, morality, and the Gospel.  The other has increasingly upheld these stands.  The danger, on one side, is the sealing of America’s fall from God and the encroaching of religious freedom. 

But even if a government or an administration that upholds Biblical values on these issues prevails in the election, there lies another danger – that the results of the election will not be accepted by a great portion of the population and the dangers of such an outcome.

Either of these outcomes represent a form of darkness.  At the beginning of 2020, I spoke publicly of 2020 being a year of shakings and of dark events.  We know that according to Bible prophecy the end times will be marked by darkness.  But never have we been so confronted with darkness or dark events as this year.   There is the deepening darkness of our culture, of its morality.  And then there is the darkness of calamities.   This year we have experienced a deadly pandemic, an unprecedented lockdown and paralysis of daily life, an economic collapse, civil disorder, riots, and fires throughout the land – all at the same time.  In my newest book, The Harbinger II, I share how all these things are part of the biblical template of national judgment – and are not only manifesting in the way set out by the ancient template but at the exact time ordained by the mystery. In the book, I speak of what will happen if America doesn’t return to God and its light is removed.

Many people, believers included, are scared by what the future holds. How are we to respond?  What is our role and calling?

Messiah said, “You are the light of the world.”  In the Book of Ephesians, we are told “Now you are light.”  The Book of Philippians tells us that we are to “shine as lights in a dark and perverse generation.” As those called to be the lights of God, we are never to fear the darkness.   Light is not overcome by darkness.  Rather it is the darkness that manifests the nature and the power of the light.   The light doesn’t fear the darkness, it shines into it.  In fact, it is the darkness that provides the chance for the light to do what it is called to do.  And so we as God’s people are not to fear the darkness of any age. Rather, we are to know that it is for such times that we were born – and born again – that we would shine into it and that the power of God would be magnified through us – that others would see it and come to salvation.   This month, be the light you were born to be…for such a time as this.  And May God greatly bless you as you do.

Your brother and co-laborer

 in His love and service,


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