September, 2020


Word for the Month & for Tues., Sept. 1

Scripture: 2 Kings 7:7-20

See Message: The Return

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission…

Are we running out of time? Are the shakings that have come upon our world a sign of approaching calamity? Has the ancient mystery of the harbingers continued to unfold and progress up to the present hour?  And have other harbingers of judgment now manifested? 

Last September, I sought the Lord what the next message and book would be. I was led to do something I had held off on doing for eight years.  Ever since The Harbinger came out, people have asked me when the sequel would come out.  I knew I had to wait for the right time.   The time is now.  Thus I began writing The Harbinger II: The Return.  

The mystery of Isaiah 9:10 and the nine harbingers of judgment that appeared in The Harbinger were part of a still larger mystery that I couldn’t put in the book at that time but are determining what is now taking place in our time. In The Harbinger II, I was led to reveal the mysteries of the ancient biblical alarm that sounded throughout New York City on the morning of 9/11 before the moment of destruction, the ancient Scripture appointed for 9/11 that revealed to believers exactly what was going to happen that day, the sign that appeared on the day of Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 A.D. that also appeared at the moment that destruction came to America on September 11, and much more.  And the mystery has not stopped, the template of judgment has progressed.     

Since 9/11 and since The Harbinger, more prophetic signs, more harbingers of intense warning have appeared in the land.  This is what I believe must now be shared - the word that was hidden in the ruins of Ground Zero, the sign used by God to speak of a nation’s destruction that has appeared on American soil, the sign of an ancient god that appeared in the middle of New York City as an omen of destruction - the judgment tree - the handwriting on the wall, and much more.

The ancient template leads up to where we are right now.  What I have written in The Harbinger II, I believe all the more is that the present moment is most critical and dangerous - one that could seal America’s future once and for all, for judgment or redemption.  In fact, it was because the mystery pointed to the year 2020, that I knew this year would be a year of shakings.  Even the pandemic, the plague that has overtaken America and the world is part of it, a mystery that goes back to a word given by the prophet Jeremiah.  It speaks of what is yet to come – but also the one and only hope each of us have in the days to come.

This is the month that this message in The Harbinger II will go forth.  It is also the month The Return will take place.  I would thus ask you as my co-ministers and partners in ministry to join me in praying that the Lord will powerfully use both of these to accomplish His end-time purposes.  Let us pray as never before for God to bring repentance, return, and revival.  Without it, America is lost.  But with it, nothing is impossible. May God greatly bless you and keep you this month.

Your brother and co-laborer

 in His love and service,


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