July, 2019


Word for the Month & for Mon., July 1
Scripture: Isaiah 5:20
See Message: The Hosts of Baal

For you who have read The Harbinger and The Paradigm, you know well the ancient template: a nation that once knew God that now turns away from Him, and away from His ways, and to the ways of the pagan world, pagan values, pagan worship, pagan practices.  It happened to ancient Israel.  It is happening now again to America.

One of the markers of ancient paganism was the cruelty and brutality shown to the weak and helpless.  This meant the killing of unborn children – abortion.  With the advent of the Gospel, such practices largely disappeared.  But as America and the West have departed from the ways of God and the truths of His Word, the practice of killing the unborn has manifested again, been legalized, celebrated, and venerated as if it’s a sacred rite.  But as American culture continues to fall away from the ways of God, we now find ourselves entering even darker territory.

In past presidential conventions, the Democratic party has spoken of abortion in euphemistic terms that obscured the act of abortion. But the last convention marked a change. Abortion was trumpeted and celebrated outright, passionately, and brazenly.  The presidents of both Planned Parenthood and the N.A.R.A.L. were publicly honored.  The platform vowed to strike down the Hyde Amendment so that everyone’s tax money would go to the killing of the unborn.  And the convention loudly cheered as a woman described her abortion.  It was a new era.

The same election ended a Republican controlled legislature in New York as the Democrats took over. That change opened up the door. On the anniversary of the legalization of abortion in America, the New York legislature passed a law that, in effect, legalized the killing of unborn children up to the very moment of their birth.  The vote was sealed with cheers and celebration.
The killing of the unborn is horrific enough, but now we have crossed into new territory – Infanticide.  Infanticide, the killing of children, was also one of the horrifically dark practices of the pagan world – and we are now there.  Soon after the passing of this horrific law, the governor of Virginia stated that if a baby was born alive in an attempted abortion, there would be a conversation as to what to do with it.

What does this reveal? It reveals that we are living in truly critical and dark times.  It reveals that our vote in the ballot box truly does make a difference. It also reveals that we must increase our prayers for America.  For it was over this sin that Israel was destroyed.   Between judgment and revival, let us intensify our prayers this month for revival.  And let us also live in it. And may God greatly bless you as you do!

Your brother and co-laborer

in His love and service,


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