October, 2020


Word for the Month of October

Scripture: Isaiah 46:9-13, John 16:33

See Message: Him

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission…

This letter is framed by the fact that I'm needing to write it beforehand in midsummer. So I'm writing it before the autumn. I believe this September and autumn will be a most critical time. I believe America is in great trouble and now standing at a precipice - which can lead to repentance, revival, and redemption - or to hardening, departure, the sealing of judgment, and calamity. And it can include both shakings and calamities that lead many to return to God. But no matter what happens or not in the spiritual realm or the physical realm - some things will be true and most importantly in the autumn.

The world changes - but God remains the same. Everything in this world is temporary. Everything changes. People come and go, live and die. Parties come to power and are driven from power. Kingdoms rise and fall. Everything in our lives change. This world is a changing place. But one thing does not - God. God never changes. Thus He is called The Rock. Messiah is the same yesterday, today, and forever. No matter what may come, He will be the same when it comes, just as important, just as central, just as alive, just as real as He was when He walked the earth. 

The Lord's purposes will not be stopped - we know this world is filled with evil and that which opposes the will of God. And we know that it may often look as if the people and purposes of God are on the weak side of history. But that's only how it looks. David looked hopeless in the face of Goliath. Paul was in prison, chained for his faith. Messiah looked defeated on the cross. Yet, David slew Goliath, Paul touched millions of lives from prison chains, and Messiah on the cross overcame the world. God's purposes will move forward and, in the end, prevail at all times, through all things, and will overcome the world.     

God's Word will be upheld - It has been thousands of years since the Word of God was first given. And yet, it has outlasted every power and kingdom and age that has come after it. It is as fresh and vital and alive now as it was when it was first given. So in the days to come, the Word of God will be upheld, and will be in future days just as powerful as it was when God first spoke it, just as true, just as pivotal, and just as life-changing.

God will work all things for good for those who love Him - God never promises that all things will be pleasant, easy, or even good, in and of themselves. The great giants of the Bible went through much that few would call 'good.' But what God does promise is better. He will work all things, not some and not even most, for the good of those who love Him. So no matter what happens in the world, in the remainder of 2020, or in the days beyond, His promise will prove true. God will, for real, work all things in the world and in your life for the good of you who love Him.

For we don't have to be concerned with all things. We only have to focus on Him who is Lord of all. He is Lord of all things past. He is Lord of all things present. And He is Lord of all things to come. And that is good enough. It is more than good enough.

Let us look to Him in trust, in faith, and in full devotion this month, who is Lord of all, every part of life. And may God greatly bless you and keep you this month.

Your brother and co-laborer

 in His love and service,


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