Every Sunday Morning 10AM & 11:30AM
Every Friday Night 8PM

At 11 Railroad Ave, Wayne, NJ 07470
*To Connect, Find Out More, Contact, Etc, Just Click On The Links Below
coming Special events
Summer Picnic
New! The 2024 summer picnic at beautiful lake Rickabear! With Swimming! Volleyball! Boating! Fellowship! Barbecue! Activities! Games! Beach! Paddle Boating! Nature Walks! Sports! Fun! Worship! And Baptisms! A beautiful day of blessings, Saturday August 3rd – Starts 11:30am to 6pm. Invite out family and friends!
*Everyone Needs to Register (Remember, you can’t just show up!) - Tickets are limited - To get in and to sign up people you want to bring, just go to the Connect Center after Service.
*If you live outside the Area, you can come too & you’re invited – you still can come to the Picnic.
Just **CLICK HERE** to Register.
*Baptisms - If you haven’t been Baptized since you’ve been Born Again, you need to be, the Lord commanded it – We’ll be doing it during the Picnic – At the Beach – Let them know when you register – Also if you bring others who need to be baptized.
Wayne Municipal Hall, 461 Valley Road, near the Wayne Public Library. Park in the center of the parking lot close to Valley Road. Meet at the 911 Memorial on the side of the library. - Thursday June 20 at 1PM. For more info contact Mary Rose: forhisglory11@optonline.net
Mighty Warrior Men's Ministry!
Meeting Bi-Weekly on Thursday Evenings at 7:30PM - in Classroom 4A-4B. For fellowship, the Word, sharing and growing deeper and stronger in the Lord. Sign up at the Connect Center after the service. Meeting next Thursday June 27.
The Bible Academy Courses are Sunday's at 1:00PM
The Mystery and Laws of the Sacrifice & Yeshua’s Fulfillment of Them:
Taking a close look at the Torah and how Yeshua fulfilled His sacrificial law. We’ll connect the dots of specific sacrifices in the laws of Moses discovering the signs and miracles that fulfilled Messiah’s sacrifices. We will also discuss how and why He came to serve.
Building a Powerful Prayer Life to Overcome In All Things:
Humbly drawing near to God in prayer to know His heart. Learning to trust Him to do things in His perfect time and way. A course for women.
Knowing the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) that Dwells in You:
Discover the many facets of the Holy Spirit as Teacher, Convictor, Comforter, Helper and Guide. We’ll examine His powerful works in a believer’s and non-believer’s life.
The Solid Rock Discipleship Course! – Section 2 Knowing God:
This course will help you build a heart to heart relationship with God, overcome temptation, learn apologetics and fulfill the Great Commission! For new believers and old alike!
Learn the Language of Messiah! Beginners Hebrew:
Learn the basics to begin reading & writing Hebrew including every name of the genealogies in Genesis as you learn the alphabet of the original Biblical Hebrew.
Praise Him In Dance! Psalm 149!
Even if you’re a beginner you can learn to worship the Lord as David and Miriam did – in the joy of Dance Worship, Israel Dance, Interpretative Dance, and More! For both Men and Women- Dance as David Danced & Miriam!
Have questions? Want more info? Want to talk with someone? Find out how to be part? Or anything you need?
Call 973-709-9466 Ext. 343 Or write to us at 11 Railroad Ave. Wayne, NJ Or CLICK HERE
Or, just come to the Connect Center after the Service with any questions, more info, anything we can help you with.
Sunday - 10AM &11:30AM During Worship Service

Children's Ministry and Classes take place during both Worship Services, for children ages 3 - 8th grade (up to age 12).

Every Sunday Morning Sunday Youth at 11:30AM. (Ages 13 - 17) .
For more details contact us at sundayyouth@

Friday - 8PM During Worship Service
Full Program for Children. (Ages 3 - 9)

Genesis (ages 10-12) and Transformed (ages 13-17)
Next Genesis and Transformed this Friday Night June 21 at 8PM.
The Nursery
(for infants and children up to age 2)

Note: We now have full nursery Fridays & Sundays so parents can sit in the Sanctuary during the service.

The Mother's Lounge for both Friday's and Sunday's Services will be available for nursing mothers. You can watch the Worship Service which will be televised into the Mother’s Lounge.
We want to make our food pantry items available to any Beth Israel congregant who may be in need. The food pantry is open after each weekend service. We also thank you all for your generous contributions to the food pantry. Current Food Pantry Needs: 1% Parmalat Milk, Canned Evaporated Milk, Canned Condensed Milk, Cup’ O Noodles, Canned Peaches, Canned Pears, Beefaroni, Vegetable Oils, Jarred Tomato Sauce, Unsalted Mixed Nuts, Bisquick, Canned Healthy Soups, Ketchup, Instant Oatmeal, Chicken Chili with Beans, Vanilla Almond Milk, Frosted Flakes, Ensure or Boost Nutritional Beverages, Women’s Deodorants and Paper Towels. Now accepting $25.00 ShopRite gift cards to help those in need. See Pastor Michael. Thanks again!
Subscribe to Jonathan's YouTube channel to see his latest teachings! 24 hour streaming from Wednesday at 5pm to Thursday at 5pm (EST).YouTube Follow Jonathan on: Twitter Instagram FaceBook: Jonathan Cahn Beth Israel Hope of the World Our TV Broadcast 'Something Different' is available on your local cable channel. Check your local listings for days & times throughout the Tri-State Area. Would you like our show broadcast in your area? Call (973)872-7262 ext 315
Install your free Beth Israel mobile phone app today from The Apple or Google stores! Stay up to date with the latest events and happenings at the Jerusalem Center.
We have shuttles available on Friday before and right after the 8PM service and Sunday morning before and right after the 10AM service and before and right after the 11:30AM service for those who come by bus to Ryerson Ave.
Headphones for Spanish
Español Audiofonos para traduccion en Español estan disponibles en todos los servicios (cultos) - Puede recogerlos en la entrada! Experimente la noche del ministerio Hispano -Todos los Jueves a las ocho de la noche en el edificio - Y sientase libre de ponerse en contacto con los lideres de nuestro ministerio Hispano, Marco y Elgica De Leon despues del servicio o llamando al 973-896-3252
Other events
coming up

Mid-Week Bible Study BETTER THAN ANGELS – MYSTERIES FROM THE BOOK OF HEBREWS! The Book of Hebrews is one of the most fascinating, deep, and revelation filled books. Journey into this incredible book to see the majesty of Messiah! Wednesdays at 7:30PM, meeting in Classroom 1.

Learn and discuss the key elements of the end-times with Marc Sommer, as it is unfolding before us. Monthly Meeting.
In order to attend, please establish a free Zoom account and then click the link below to accept this invitation:
Click Here
Meeting ID: 695 492 8545 Passcode: Prophecy
NOTE: Due to celebrating our Independence, the monthly Zoom Meeting will be on Wednesday, July 10th, at 7:30 pm
Thursday Morning
Women’s Bible Study
“Courage in Perilous Times” Based on Hebrews chapter 11- Learning from the unshakable faith and courage of these giants of the faith.
(Note: On summer break. Will resume in September.)
Restoration Recovery Ministry (Joel 2:25)
For those dealing with any addictions - a Biblically based 12 Step group - Sunday right after the second Service meeting in the Fireplace room. To find out more on how to be part, let us know. (Either at the Service, on the Communication Cards, at the Connect Center or on the Special Website Communication).
Thursday Night with Pastor Marco
Tell your Spanish friends - English translation is provided - for more details please e-mail Pastor Marco at spanishministry
Starts 8PM - In the Fireplace Room.
Every Sunday Morning Sunday Youth at 11:30AM (Ages 13 - 17)
For more details contact us at sundayyouth@

Genesis Youth Ministry (ages 10-12) and Transformed Youth Ministry (ages 13-17) Meeting with the youth leaders for worship, Bible study, and fellowship and activities. Next Genesis and Transformed this Friday Night June 21 at 8PM.

For more details, please contact Nayamka in the office at Nayamka@
Hannah’s Joy Moms Ministry collecting sealed packaged diapers, wipes, baby formula, onesies, baby food and children’s picture books for their baby gifts and diaper drive. Please kindly drop off your donated items in the Moms Ministry’s designated container located at the end of the main entrance hallway just before you enter the sanctuary. Items will go towards making gift baskets for expectant mothers and as donations to the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center.
Help provide toward the ongoing support and maintenance of the FRMS airplanes used to shuttle missionaries, aid workers, medicine and supplies into Uganda, Sudan, and the Congo.
Debt Bondage Relief
Provide child sponsorships and classes for Christians in debt bondage at brickyards of Pakistan.
Helping Native Americans
Help transport food and other goods by truck and air plane to remote places on Native American reservations bringing the hope and joy of God’s love to these forgotten people.
Music as therapy
Help traumatized children and refugees who can’t express themselves verbally to play musical instruments and worship through song.
Temporary Homes
Help provide small, functional houses for people to stay when a necessity for short-term medical housing exists.
Hope of the World is an end-time ministry to spread God's Word to all nations, Jew and Gentile, and to the unreached of the world. Hope of the World helps with Compassion Projects to help those in need, from helping orphans, lepers, the persecuted church, to building water wells, getting medical help, etc.

To find out more or to have a part in the Great Commission CLICK HERE

Click Here to Donate.
You can receive Free Gift CDs, a Free Gift Subscription to Sapphires, with daily teachings and devotions, find all of Jonathan's Special Teachings and resources there – & more – By going to HopeOfTheWOrld.org - Or just CLICK HERE
(Go to the express center after the service or go to HopeOfTheWorld.org)
The Graduate
There is a link between Shavuot/ Pentecost and Graduation - Why was the Spirit given just at that moment? What does it mean to graduate in the Lord? What is the true Spirit-filled life? What does it mean to live beyond? And what is your graduation to higher ground - And how to get there?
The Shavuot and Yerushalayim
The mystery of the Holy City of God - and the outpouring of the Spirit of God - Ezekiel 37, the resurrection and the breath, the Six Day War, the return of Jerusalem, and the End-time revival and outpouring - A prophetic message at the celebration of Shavuot/ Pentecost.
Curses and How to Break Them
What are curses? Are we subject to them? What about the curses of the past, of the occult, and in your life? How to reverse and nullify them.
The Sar Paras - An End-Time Mystery
With world events of prophetic significance rapidly unfolding, and the death of the Iranian president in a helicopter crash, Jonathan opened up an ancient Biblical mystery behind it all – from what just happened in Iran, to what is happening in Israel, to Hamas, the Middle East and the world, going back to a mystery 2500 years old!
The Shadow Love
For Mother’s Day 2024 Jonathan shared on the culture’s war against motherhood, and how a mother’s love is one of the closest shadows on earth of God’s love for us.
Children of the Gods
Jonathan takes the revelation of The Return of the gods and brings it to one of the most important issues of our time – the children. What do the gods have to do with our youth, and what is now happening to them? What lies behind it? And where is all heading?
The Priest Who Wears the Crown
It’s one of the mysteries of the Hebrew Scriptures, one that seems to contradict everything else, even the law of God, and yet that reveals the Messiah and the Cosmic Secret of God and your salvation.
The Mufti Mystery
Jonathan exposed the dark and stunning secret behind the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrations taking place throughout the country, the bankruptcy of Wokeism, the secret behind the movement to destroy Israel that goes back to Al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Gaza, and Adolf Hitler! *(Note: The DVD has many Images)
18 Keys for the End-Times
On a special service for which Jonathan waited on the Lord for a word, a major word came: the keys for the end-time believer. How do you stand in the days of which the Bible foretold? How do you overcome? How do you prevail? Important, practical, and life-changing.
The Mystery of Ezekiel 38 & 39: The Russia Mystery
Jonathan opened up PART II of one of the most important, controversial, and relevant prophecies for our time – Ezekiel 38-39 – Is it coming true? Does it include Russia? Is it being set up right now? – Discover the Surprising Answers!
To Get in Touch for anything
Do you want to know more about being born again or how to be saved?   Or to receive CD Finding New Life as our gift to you
To find out how you can be eligible for Membership or Ministry, how to have a part in what God is doing at the Jerusalem Center, or how to fulfill your calling
Prayer Request – Want others to pray for something in your life
To Get In Touch With a Particular Ministry – to be part of or to attend an event
To Get the Gift CD: Finding God's will for your life & the Jerusalem Center CD
The Sunday Morning Pre-Service Prayer Meeting this Sunday 9AM (to 9:50AM) - in the Prayer Room - Even if you come after 9AM you can join in.

The Sunday Morning Worship Celebration Services 10AM & 11:30AM.

Including Children's Ministry & Nursery

Children's Ministry (Ages 3 - 8th grade, up to age 12).

Every Sunday Morning Sunday Youth (Ages 13 - 17) at 11:30AM

For more details contact us at sundayyouth@

Sunday Bible Academy Courses - See left hand column for details.
*The Restoration Recovery Group! – (for anyone dealing with addictions or addictive issues,) – Right after the second Sunday Morning Worship Service – in the Fireplace Room.
If interested in joining please see or call Pastor Michael at 973-709-9466 ext. 332

There will be prayer for Israel, The Middle East, America, for Revival, for Rabbi’s new book The Josiah Manifesto and for God’s purposes in classroom 8 about 10 minutes after the second service on Sunday.


THE LIVE PRAYER CONFERENCE CALL Our chance to come together in the Spirit - There will be Sharing, the Word - some prophecy news updates - Praying together - Then live Intercession & Praise - & the Aaronic Blessing live - Wednesday, 11:15AM to Noon.

To get in on the Live Prayer Conference Call, just call in - 978-990-5000 - and then when prompted, press the Password Code - 261225# (If it's busy, just try again - until you get through (*Best to get in early from 11AM onward).

Special Prayer for Israel and The Middle East - this Wednesday June 12 from 1PM to 2PM in the Fireplace Room.

WEDNESDAY 5PM - The Mid-Week Streaming - Starts Weds. 5PM Goes Through Thursday 5PM - More than one message and other special features, videos, music - that our media ministry put together - It was originally for people who couldn't go to services as not in our area - and has things for Hope of the World - etc. - But now we pray it will be a blessing for you.

*For All Wednesday Events Below- enter through the office side entrance only (not the main entrance) and proceed to the third door on your left.

MIDWEEK BIBLE STUDY BETTER THAN ANGELS – MYSTERIES FROM THE BOOK OF HEBREWS! The Book of Hebrews is one of the most fascinating, deep, and revelation filled books. Journey into this incredible book to see the majesty of Messiah! Wednesdays at 7:30PM, meeting in Classroom 1.

Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study “Courage in Perilous Times”. Based on Hebrews chapter 11- Learning from the unshakable faith and courage of the giants of the faith. (Note: On break Summer Break Resumes in September.) MIGHTY WARRIOR MEN'S MINISTRY! Meeting Bi-Weekly on Thursday Evenings at 7:30PM - in Classroom 4A-4B. For fellowship, the Word, sharing and growing deeper and stronger in the Lord. Sign up at the Connect Center after the service. Meeting next Thursday June 27.
SPANISH MINISTRY NIGHT (Ministerio Hispano Noche) with Pastor Marco
(English Translation provided) - for more details please e-mail Pastor Marco at SpanishMinistry
. before Thursday night. Starts at 8PM - in the Fireplace Room.

The Friday Night Pre-Service Prayer Meeting this Friday 7PM (to 7:50PM) In the Prayer Room - Even if you come after 7PM you can join in.

Including Children's Ministry, Nursery & Youth.

Children's Ministry (Ages 3 - 9) begins after Worship.

Genesis Junior Youth Ministry (Ages 10-12) & Transformed Youth Ministry (Ages 13-17). Next Genesis and Transformed this Friday Night June 21 at 8PM.

There will be prayer for Israel, The Middle East, America, for Revival, for Rabbi’s upcoming book, The Josiah Manifesto and The Return of the Gods, and for God’s purposes in the Fireplace Room, about 10 minutes after the service.
Saturday Spanish Ministry Prayer Meeting
Starts at 10AM in the Fireplace Room.
For more details please e-mail Pastor Marco at spanishministry@

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