June, 2024

Rolling Stone and The War Against Believers

Scripture: Matthew 5:11-12

See Message: The Lystran Principle (& OVERCOMING REJECTION)

Shalom, to you my Friend and Co-Minister in the Great Commission…

When I was a teenager and had a rock band I would occasionally glance through the pages of Rolling Stone magazine - a periodical devoted to the rock culture. It is still the most prominent magazine of pop music. Recently I was surprised to find out that instead of an article on Mick Jagger or Taylor Swift, Rolling Stone decided to do an article focusing on me.

I'm not coming out with a new album, so why would they do that? Rolling Stone, as with much of the mainstream media, has grown increasingly hostile to God and His people. In view of Rolling Stone's and the mainstream media's increasing attack on believers, I decided to use the attack for God. We posted a response on the web (you can find it by Googling Rolling Stone Attacks - Jonathan Cahn Answers). What was the attack about? I mentioned that Jesus wept over the Jewish people and said that their peace was hidden from them as it still largely is. That was it. Somehow they twisted it as if I was saying that the Israelis caused the Hamas attack!

The attack revealed many of the strategies that are used against born again believers in America. First, they always sought to link me to a political right-wing agenda. As believers, our ultimate agenda is above the political realm and we are to touch every realm of life with the power and love of God - and our focus should be above any name except that of Jesus/ Yeshua. So why do they regularly throw in such words? The strategy is to pigeon-hole believers - label and box them in. That way they don't have to deal with them as people but as caricatures - nor do they have to address the issues. It's a way of marginalizing the people of God. It's also a way of hiding the fact that what they're coming against is actually biblical Christianity. For if someone holds basic and foundational biblical views on such issues as life, marriage, sexuality, gender, or even Israel - they will now be considered right-wing extremists. That's not a reflection on Christians - but rather on how extremist the mainstream media and mainstream culture has become. The truth is Rolling Stone not only attacks believers - but also the nation of Israel. It all goes together.

What are we to do when we find ourselves attacked? Rejoice and be glad. It's a good sign. It means we're doing something right. The Lord said it would happen. And so it has. The truth is, to be attacked because of the name of Jesus/ Yeshua is the highest of honors we can ever know.

This month, don't fear, but be strong and bold in the Word, the truth, and the ways of God. And may God greatly bless and empower you as you do!

Your brother and co-laborer

 in His love and service,


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