In the Hebrew language the word L'SAPAIR means to speak - to tell. But this word is linked to SAPPAIR - It is this very word - SAPPAIR that gives us the English Word - SAPPHIRE. But it also means to speak. So what is God's holy ancient language teaching us? It's this: When the children of God speak - they are not to use words - they are to use SAPPHIRES - Their words are to be SAPPHIRES - Because God's Words are Sapphires - Jewels -Diamonds.

So we as His children must learn to speak in sapphires. Messiah told us the same about our words - The good man, He said, brings forth what is good out of his good treasure. You may not have possessions, or money, or resources to give someone - But you can give them sapphires - You can give them priceless treasures that can change their life - and it cost you nothing. Treasure the word of God in your heart and use your mouth to speak words of love, words of hope, words of encouragement, words of strength, words of eternal life. These are worth more than millions. Learn to deal in sapphires - Give your wife a sapphire today - Give your husband a sapphire, - your son, your daughter, your parents - your boss - your co-workers - your friends - and the stranger - Give them all a sapphire - And watch the miracles - Give away a sapphire today - For gold is expensive - But sapphires are free.

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